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Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven

Saturday 3 December 2022, 7.30pm

James Tatoulis Auditorium - MLC - Kew

You will know every tune in Mozart's intimate and expressive Piano Concerto No 23, a Haydn Paris Symphony and Beethoven 5

We are honoured to present Elyane Laussade, amongst Melbourne's favourite pianists, playing one of Mozart’s most intimate and expressive works, his Piano Concerto No. 23 . This is another step forward in Elyane’s Mozart Project which will see her perform all 27 Mozart piano concertos with orchestras around Australia.

We will commence the concert with Haydn's Symphony No. 84 (In nomine Domini), one of his six ‘Paris Symphonies’. In contrast to most of the other 'Paris Symphonies', No. 84 gives greater prominence to the woodwind section, which is reinforced numerically, compared to typical Haydn symphonies.

In 2019, we were going to pay homage to Beethoven’s birth 250 years before, but were unable to do so due to COVID19. Now is our chance, so we will conclude the program with what is arguably one of Beethoven’s best-loved and best-known works, Symphony No. 5.


Rick Prakhoff – conductor

Elyane Laussade – piano


Haydn – Symphony no. 84 in E♭ Hob.I/84

Mozart – Piano Concerto no. 23 in A K. 488

Beethoven – Symphony no. 5 in C minor Op. 67